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Our Methodolgy

Optsim uses a four-phased methodology framework when undertaking simulation modelling or optimisation studies. These are:

  • This involves conducting a scoping session with all stakeholders to assess the project requirements and develop a plan of execution.  The primary goal of the scoping session is for all parties to understand the parameters of the proposed study and the key assumptions.  The scoping session will also establish the required data, validation period and the options to be considered.
  • Optsim’s model building methodology is to implement the blueprint outlined at the scoping session. The study is then constructed using the following individual modelling steps:

    • Data Gathering and Analysis
    • Model Development
    • Animation Development
    • Model Validation

  • During the usage phase, Optsim will first undertake a thorough analysis of a likely option usually referred to as the base case. The results of the base case simulations provide significant insight into the overall system. A sensitivity analysis is then performed on a select group of input variables to assess the validity of the model. A scenario analysis is performed on the options being considered. This process may be performed on a multiple number of base cases if desired. Finally, the results along with all components of the study, are presented in both report form and in presentation form.
  • Optsim’s project management methodology is to conduct the simulation modelling study within a framework that incorporates the following project management points:

    • Project Planning
    • Project Time and Cost Management
    • Project Resource Management
    • Quality Management
    • Project Risk Management
    • Project Monitoring and Control


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