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OPTSIM is a leading global consulting company which specialises in delivering cost-saving, decision-support solutions by applying advanced analytical Operations Research techniques such as Simulation Modelling, Optimisation, and Scheduling.

We work in partnership with our clients, adding value to their business, removing uncertainties and recommending the best and most profitable path to take when they are consolidating or expanding operations.

Our aim is to minimise the risk of investment and maximise returns by providing innovative solutions that can considerably improve the bottom-line, either in additional revenue or by avoiding unnecessary capital expenditure. Whether our solutions are used to assist with high-level strategic planning or to improve day-to-day operations, there are many other benefits to be gained. Learn More

We specialise in conducting capacity/throughput modelling studies and de-bottlenecking studies for businesses primarily in the mining, manufacturing and transportation industries. However, regardless of the nature of your business, our solutions can be customised for any organisation to help you make better planning decisions with greater confidence, accuracy and less risk.

Simulation Modelling

Simulation Modelling (also known as Monte Carlo Simulation or Discrete Event Simulation) gives you the ability to visualise, evaluate, and predict the impact of planning decisions, to find the best or optimal solution, when expanding or consolidating operations.

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Optimisation narrows your choices to the very best when there are virtually innumerable feasible options and allows you to compare them. With this Optimisation technique, it is possible to maximise your production and revenue using User Friendly platforms like Excel.

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We can develop advanced computer-based schedules incorporating all relevant constraints. Typically, this involves the use of Linear Programming, Integer Programming and other Operations Research techniques.

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