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Areas of Specialisation

By combining or individually using Simulation Modelling, Optimisation and Scheduling techniques, we can create fully-customised solutions, which typically fall into one of the following categories:

Capacity Analysis

Frequently when an upgrade is planned, significant increases in throughput are expected.  A capacity analysis considers the current operation and then adds the proposed infrastructure to establish and quantify the likely throughput of an operating system after the upgrade.  This type of study can also address issues relating to the reliability of production units, improved scheduling or changes to operating procedures.

De-bottlenecking Analysis

As operations are adjusted over the years or external factors impact on an operating system, the fine balance of the supply chain may be affected.  A de-bottlenecking analysis can pinpoint the cause of the bottleneck and through option evaluation, identify where latent capacity exists as well as which parameters need to be modified to increase capacity.

We specialise in conducting capacity/throughput modelling studies and de-bottlenecking studies for businesses primarily in the mining and transportation industries. Regardless of the nature of your business, our solutions can be customised for any organisation to help them make better planning decisions with greater confidence, accuracy and less risk.

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