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Optimisation and Simulation Consulting (OPTSIM) was established in 2004 and is a leading consulting company which applies advanced analytical techniques, such as Simulation Modelling, Optimisation and Scheduling to assist managers and engineers in solving complex operational/business problems to enable them to make better, more informed decisions and plan their next move with greater confidence, accuracy and less risk.

Our customised solutions can be used to help you gain valuable insight into the impact/risk  of planning decisions for current and proposed operations, before implementation occurs. Risk and upgrade costs can be substantially reduced when you have the ability to visualise, evaluate and predict the effectiveness of proposed infrastructure enhancements on throughput potential.

We are experts at locating equipment/process bottlenecks and inefficiencies in an operating system, and then testing different solution alternatives to alleviate the problem. Better asset utilisation will maximise production, decrease operating costs and increase revenues. We can also help you to determine when and if capital expansion is required to meet higher production targets.

Finally, when consolidating or expanding operations, we can answer numerous “what-if” questions about different operating scenarios/layout designs and determine which is the best and most profitable path for you to take. Establishing optimum site or plant layouts will increase efficiency, productivity and performance and ensure you avoid unnecessary capital expenditure.

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For any direct queries, please email OPTSIM at or phone +61 (0)3 9013-8399.