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Simulation Modelling

Simulation modelling has been used for solving business problems and supporting business decision making for many years.  It can reduce or eliminate infrastructure costs and risk by:

  • Testing the effectiveness of all proposed enhancements before implementation
  • Quickly and economically testing alternative plant options without a shutdown
  • Providing confidence in the effectiveness of a proposed design to achieve production
  • Fine-tuning a complex system.

There are many other benefits to be gained. Learn More

We can design, build and animate discrete-event simulation models of any process in any industry, using ARENA as the modelling environment. This may be a crushing and screening plant, a mill, a smelter or the modelling of a complete integrated mine/rail/port/shipping supply chain. Making changes to the model inputs allows the model to emulate the system as if the proposed changes have been made to the actual system and multiple options can be tested and compared. The aggregate results of the tests can then be analysed to answer specific questions and determine the best and most profitable path forward.

To view examples of simulation modelling demos Click Here.

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